This page provides the global list with features of GCTool. GCTool is developing continiously, so maybe its better to look at the tool itself by downloading it.

Global features

  • Grid conversions
    Supported grids:
    • Hddd mm.mmm
    • Hddd dd.ddddd
    • Dutch grid
    • ECEF
  • Ellipsoid based coordinate projections:
    • Two coordinates -> distance/bearing
    • Coordinate + distance/bearing -> coordinate
    • Crossings of two lines
  • Text analysis
    • Basics as letter counting and values
    • En/decrypting ROT13
    • Conversion to morse
    • ASCII
    • Letter frequency
  • Number analysis
    • Easy conversion between decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal and roman numbers
    • Rowsum calculation
  • Google Maps
  • GPX-filetype support
  • Linkage to external programs like the CarrotteCoordChecker or Mapsource (if available on computer)
  • Multi language: English and Dutch supported
  • Runs on Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7) and linux (see FAQ)


GCTool looks like this:

Click on the figure for a better view. Off course Google Maps will appear in your own language.