You magically arrived at the 'About' page. I guess you want to know something about me and about why I developed GCTool. First: I'm Gpsgek who's listening to the name 'Martijn' in real life. Geocaching is the sport I discovered in December 2005. I'm caching in the Netherlands usually, but off course caching outside the Netherlands is always more fun. In daily life, I should be a student studying Medical Imaging at Delft University. Of course I have far too much other things to do (like caching...), so it's always the question if the study gets priority ;-).

One of the things I do is developing GCTool, which I started developing in 2007. The idea for the GCTool came from a few questions on the Dutch Geocaching forums. The tool extended, extended, extended, and it's now what it is. The fun for me is: combining Geocaching, math and programming. Well, great, isn't it?
I have an 'open' character. So, if you have ideas to extend GCTool, if you discovered bugs, or if you want to tell me other exiting things, don't hesitate to contact me. Usually I do not bite, so that's good news for you.

If you want to know more about me - I cannot guess why, but for completeness - you're kindly invited to visit my personal homepage: http://www.gpsgek.nl.